vendredi 12 février 2016

Something different !

Hi friends!
To this day, I attended only at Stampin Up workshops, but a new member came to our group and it turned out that she is also part of the family - not for SU but for a French company.
By nature I am a curious person and so it happened very quickly that I attended one of its demonstrations!
For the first time, we did something with ink sprays - thing I had never tried before and it was quite difficult for me to imagine the result!
But after overcoming my fear of doing something wrong, I said to myself: "Hey, why are you afraid, it's just ink and paper!"

... here is the final result !!

For the first card I used quite dark colors and the result is rather male

.... but for the second, I dared to color a little more vibrant!
After drying, the colors become slightly shimmering which unfortunately can not be seen on the pictures.

We tested different stencils, stamps and structure paste.
First, we sprinkled white paper with water. Then it was the turn of stencils and sprays. 
Once the paper dried, we worked with the paste and other stencils to finally finish with stamps! 
Et voilà!

This is really something very different compared to what I use to do, 
but I loved to try this "patouille" (means mud or slush), as we like to say! ;)

Have a nice day and thanks for watching,

All material used for these two cards is from "Scrap Plaisir"

5 commentaires:

  1. Liebe Rosi, ich mag beide Ergebnisse! Die Kombination mit den Sprays, Stencils und Stempel ist dir super gelungen!
    Ein schönes Wochenende wünscht dir,

  2. Beide Ergebnisse können sich sehen lassen!! Beide Karten sind super schön geworden. Gerne mehr davon!!
    LG Gundi

  3. Wow, Rosi, die beiden Karten sind ein Traum! Die sind dir wirklich super gelungen! Die dunklere ist mein absoluter Favorit!
    Ich wünsch dir noch ein schönes Wochenende!
    Liebe Grüße

  4. what a great compositions!!! I love the second one!!!


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