jeudi 8 décembre 2016

Little whisker!

Hi everyone!

It was my son's birthday and  ....he looves cats!

When I saw this guy, my heart immediately melted for him!! --  think it's a boy  ;-)
I found the "little mustache" so cute, that I had to have it for this birthday card!!

The original, "Happy", is a Georg Williams drawing 
and I obtained the permission from his daughter Katherine Williams 
to post this reproduction on my blog!

It is not a direct, but hand-drawn copy
...and it is not intended for sale or for profit of any sort !!!

Many thanks to Katherine Williams for allowing me to share this card!
Wishing a happy day to all of you!


"greeting cards and prints featuring "Happy" can be purchased in the online shop".
Website ( and 

2 commentaires:

  1. Jetzt bin ich mal so was von neidisch, das ich nicht Dein Sohn bin ... *lach*
    Die Karte verdient einen Rahmen!!! Ich schmelz jetzt einfach auch dahin!!
    LG Gundi

  2. Einfach toll!!! Ich bin begeistert! Du bist einfach total talentiert! Ich wundere mich immer wieso Du ueberhaupt Stempel brauchst....Ich will auch Dein "Sohn" sein, lach!


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