mardi 2 janvier 2018

A spiky thing!

Hello everyone!
Today I show you cactus number two - sorry, it took me a little longer than expected.
Finally here he is, the big brother of this one!

This time I worked with felt, it's really a very nice and sweet material!
First I drew a cactus on a sheet to have a pattern. I cut it and then cut in half to get two quarters of cactus pattern. I cut each quarter twice out of felt and sewed them together, leaving the seam exposed. I stuffed the cactus starting with the "arms" and ending with the trunk. Then I cut some flowers that I fixed with round-headed pins. For the needles, I used simple pins.

The "potting soil" for the cactus is also made from felt. 
For this, I cut two rings out of brown felt that I left open on one side, so that I could put it around the cactus once sewn and stuffed. The pot is made with cardstock and embellished with washi tape.
I really enjoyed doing it! ... it changes a bit of what I usually do!

I hope you like it
 ....and promised, I will not bother you with other spiky things! 😂

3 commentaires:

  1. Von mir aus kannst du gerne noch mehr stachelige Dinge zeigen, denn mir gefallen sie total gut! Dieser ist ganz anders wie der Erste, aber auch total schön!


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