dimanche 15 janvier 2017

Fantastic Shoe

Hello everyone!
Today starts a new challenge at the Dream Factory. You all know Cinderella? - I hope so, because this month is about her story:

Three wishes for Cinderella.
Trois noisettes pour Cendrillon
Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel

Here is my card to the story.

I was inspired by Cinderella's shoe and when I saw the gorgeous illustrations by Colleene Kennedy, I was immediately fascinated by her funny shoes! -- She is such a fabulous and talented artist!!
... NO printing!! I used tracing paper and carbon paper, to get the subject on my card. 
I designed the saying with the computer. Actually, it was in gray and black but my printer does totally crazy things again and printed all the gray in pink?!? !!! Great!! 
At first I wanted to redo the pink words with a gray felt-tip pen but in the end I liked it much better as it was! And who knows what I would have destroyed?

... and now you also know why I'm not a big fan of printing and Digi Stamps, haha
...or perhaps it's time to I buy a new printer !!

There are many possibilities to make something! - it's up to you now!

See you soon at the Dream Factory ;)

5 commentaires:

  1. Ich finde die Karte wirklich gut. Schöne bunte Farben und der Spruch - echt genial!


  2. Großartige Umsetzung des Themas!!
    LG Gundi

  3. J'avoue que si le talon n'était pas si haut...je serais tentée par cette chaussure, elle est fabuleuse, biz

  4. Klasse! Also solche Schuhe würden mein Leben auch verändern - ich würde mir bestimmt das Bein brechen, LOL - so eine Veränderung will ich möglichst vermeiden :)


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